Costa Rica 



A Temple centennial, the taste of ice cream sorbet and food with the scent of the old Hacienda coffee is part of what you can find in San Joaquin de Flores in Heredia Province.

Near the capital, but with the comfort of people and a privileged climate, Sunday is a good day for a date with the past of our country. The Church Centennial is the first step in the journey.

Each of the stones that was taken up by wagon from Carthage around the year 1880, families in the community, for decades donated the Cross sculptures that adorn the gardens. The interior paintings were the work of the Spanish painter Jose Claro. San Joaquin has also erected one of the caves to the devotion of Our Lady of Lourdes.

For nature lovers, the journey can take heading north towards San Lorenzo de Flores. There lies a butterfly farm with over 45 species live across the country, you can enjoy a journey of knowledge about the training cycle of butterflies and watch some 2,000 lay their eggs on plants from a nursery of 16,000 square meters .

The farm also has laboratory and museum and is open daily from 9 am to 4 pm. If it passes through the area is a weekday and you crave some freshly baked cakes, just off the butterfly farm is located a small factory. It's not like all, since it is part of an extensive mansion over 150 years, surrounded by ferns and a fruit garden inside.

While peace and nostalgia of yesteryear, you and your family can have lunch at the resort, Solar, in downtown San Joaquín de Flores, on the main road.

This is an old house of about 170 years, which was remodeled to house national crafts, plant species from around the country and a variety of typical and international dishes. After eating you may decide to purchase any item in leather, wood or ceramic for a different day to remember the color of the old Tiquicia.