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Still offering the first-class service bus Pitt Meadows part all areas of Metro Vancouver, Surrey, Fraser Valley and Whistler. This is why we have been in business for 19 years and we are still improving our fleet to stay # 1 can even make extensive bus excursions to cross-border shopping trips to Seattle and BC Ferry RIDES Vancouver Island including Victoria and Nanaimo . Bodega and tours to Kelowna and beyond are also popular travel options for our party bus fleet.

Our Pitt Meadows party bus service is always delivered by our internal team of experienced and professional drivers. We promise that the driver makes all the difference and just keep the best! Our pilots will do their utmost to ensure that their travel with us is the best they can be. Our competitive rates and virgin bus party fleet make our service easy choice for party bus transportation to all events and all budgets.

Party bus fleet Pitt Meadows

We maintain our party bus fleet to a meticulous standard of cleanliness. We know that everyone wants a perfectly stylish, modern and clean bus ride for business and for special events and that what we have been providing to our guests for over 19 years. All our buses have leather seats, privacy divisions, custom bar area options and personalized entertainment, such as hi-fi equipment, LCD TV, lighting effects and much more. All controls are located in the passenger area for you to have total control of your destination party bus!

Party buses are ideal for groups ranging from 6-30 + passengers. Party bus transportation is an ideal way to add safe and stylish transportation for birthdays, birthdays, stags / stags, corporate events, golf trips, sightseeing, wine tours, concerts, disco dates and dinner. Once you book with us you can put your mind at ease at all your special transportation needs will be fully satisfied too ... Now you just have to relax and enjoy the limousine experience.

Wedding Services  Limousine

Providing the perfect daytime wedding day transportation bus has always been our specialty. Our Pitt Meadows bus service wedding party is an ideal way to chauffeur your guests in comfort and style from one place to another, from and to the airport or to their homes after the event. We also offer a luxury fleet of vintage limousines are perfect to add a touch of elegance and style in its nicest day.

Pitt Meadows Limousine Service in Vancouver

Our limousine service is also Pitt Meadows best. A wide variety of vehicles ranging from classic vintage limousines, stretch SUVs, sedans, SUVs, limousines and executive vans are without comparison. All these vehicles have advanced entertainment features and can accommodate from 1 to 14 passengers. A lot of our vehicles are suitable for travel with plenty of cargo space, if any. Please let us know if you intend to travel with large quantities of luggage, sports equipment, golf clubs or mountain biking so that we can arrange a suitable limousine or limousine bus.

Pitt Meadows Party Bus Services

Renting a Pitt Meadows bus service has never been easier. Our support staff is always ready to take your calls or respond to emails.

About Pitt Meadows, BC

Pitt Meadows town about 17400 located on the east side of the Pitt River about 33 kilometers east of Vancouver. Pitt Meadows is usually a floodplain Pitt Rivers Fraser and the surrounding area is largely agricultural in nature and offers a large population of horses, including many friendly riding trails.

This small community is home to the Greater Vancouver Zoo with a military presence of a naval site radio station on the west coast of Canada.


Traveling to Costa Rica

Holiday Packages in Costa Rica on our website can be customized to your tastes and needs. Our group of travel consultants have the advantage of also being tour guides, which gives us the best perspective to match your interests..

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Monte Verde Costa Rica

Monte Verde
Monte Verde

Palo Verde National Park and Guaitil Combo Tour
Start with a scenic drive along the road, passing papaya, sugar cane and melon.


Upon arrival at the Palo Verde National Park, address coverage and Tempisque motorized river cruise. Natural wetlands in the Palo Verde National Park is home to one of the largest concentrations of birds in the country and in Central America. Bird watchers will be in heaven and nature lovers of all ages will delight in the abundant wildlife.


Regular visitors along the river are the Anhinga (Snake Bird), roseate spoonbills, wood storks, an endangered species and rare Jabiru (largest bird in Central America), herons, white ibis, and more. You ASLO see crocodiles sunbathing and huge howler monkeys and white face ....


close and personal! After the boat ride, you can enjoy a meal in Costa Rica with a natural fruit juice. After lunch, we drive to the village of Guaitil Chorotega to experience Costa Rica in its roots.


Show the last descendants of the Maya (Chorotegas) continues its tradition of natural ceramic clay soil and have the opportunity to purchase hand ceramic artist directly Rica irreplaceable.



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Costa Rica General Information

 Costa Rica Geography - Location


Costa Rica, this country is the southernmost of the five countries that comprise Central America, eight to eleven degrees north latitude, between 83 to eighty-six degrees west longitude.

Depending on the latitude mentioned, Costa Rica is located in the center of the tropics 10 ° north of the equator.


This region is also known as "hot zone" because of warm temperatures prevailed.

Also located in the North American continent, Central America. This six hours west of Greenwich.

The borders of Costa Rica are natural, classic and diverse.  

In the east and northeast is limited by the Caribbean Sea, and west and south by the Pacific Ocean to the south-eastern border with the Republic of Panama and Nicaragua to the north, the border is natural.  


Sapoa River, Riverside south of Lake Nicaragua and San Juan River, but because of the border agreement signed in 1858 Jerez Cañas, this limit is defined as a line of the Caribbean Sea, just the tip of Punta Castilla at the mouth of the river San Juan, the line continues along the right bank, upstream to a point three English miles from Fort from Castillo Viejo, therefore, continuing to the west, making a curve equidistant from a radius of three miles of the fortress, and English continues two miles south of the right bank of the river and continue two miles to the south shore of Lake Nicaragua, before joining the River Sapoa. From that point, the boundary follows a straight line toward the center of Bahia Salinas.

Costa Rica borders Panama (which was a province of Colombia until 1903). This limit has not been well defined for many years, Costa Rica claimed as part of its territory along the coast of Laguna de Chiriqui. Later, however, to end the dispute, Costa Rica and Colombia submitted the dispute to the decision of the French President Loubet, but suggested a limit incorrectly that the failure to resolve the dispute.  


Once that Panama was established as a republic, the matter was referred to the President of the U.S. Supreme Court Edward Douglas White, who presented his verdict Sept. 12, 1914. This verdict met in Costa Rica, but was not sufficiently satisfactory to the Panamanians.

In 1941, Panama and Costa Rica reached agreement on the border treaty Echandi-Montero/Fernandez Jaen.  

Treaty signed on 1 May 1941. Second, the legislative bodies of both countries approved the boundary described: "From the mouth of the river Sixaola in the Caribbean Sea, monitoring of the river along the lower valley of the river emptying into the Yorkin River, from then upstream along the lower valley of the river the parallel of longitude 9 ° 30 'north of the equator, then continuing


south 76 ° 3T, west of the meridian of length 82 ° 58'10 "west of Greenwich, thence continuing to him along that meridian to the mountain range that separates the waters of the Caribbean waters of the Pacific, following the ridge to Cerro Pano where it meets the ridge separating the waters flowing into the Golfo Dulce and Charco Azul Bay, from there follow the ridge until the end of Punta Burica in the Pacific Ocean. 



Tours and Activites list and Links



Fishing in Costa Rica